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Lately I have been setting myself up to easily get a little win each day and it has added to my sense of well-being and accomplishment!  My lovely soon-to-be father in law taught me the lesson – which is; Do a little each day.  It was his advice to our complaining about all the jobs we had […] Read more…

How safe is YOUR pantry? | Berry fiasco | Molly & Beans - a lifestyle blog written by Sarah

How Safe Is YOUR Pantry

Reaching into the freezer to grab out some frozen berries had me wondering if I was about to make myself ill – is it safe to eat them?  A valid question after the whole Hepatitis A fiasco which you would have seen covered on the news.  Luckily for me I decided to save a few cents at the […] Read more…

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog

Sweet Monday

Hello there & welcome to Monday! At the end of a relaxing (or maybe not so relaxing) weekend, there is always that little pang of fear at the thought of the impending Monday morning that lies in wait, or at least that’s true for me.  After our Valentines day dinner on Saturday night (which was a […] Read more…

After Party | Tips for a tidy house the day after | Australian Lifestyle Blog, sparkler, hundreds and thousands, tablecloth.


I recently had a small gathering to celebrate a birthday – you can read about it here, it was just me hosting this particular party as Brett was away, and it turned out to be interesting to see how I handled the evening without him!  Unbeknownst to me until I had to do it all by myself, […] Read more…

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