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Spilled Ink and Spade | Wedding Invitations | Kate Spade Correspondence Cards in mint green & gold confetti | Molly & Beans Lifestyle Blog

Spilled Ink and Spade | Wedding Invitations

We have had lots of lovely offers of help for our wedding invitations, in fact, my sister in law has been hard at work doing up lots of invites for wedding related stuff like the bridal shower, she was going to help with the wedding ones too, but I fell in love with these gold […] Read more…

BIG NEWS | Blue Boat House Crawley | Viral Photo | M&B in the news | Breaking wedding plans | Australian Lifestyle Blog | Written by Sarah Porter


So I had a really interesting day on Social Media yesterday.  A quick shot I posted onto Instagram went viral! It was quite exciting, and if I wasn’t so busy making plans for mine and Brett’s upcoming wedding (scheduled for this July) I would have been able to enjoy the moment a bit more.  By […] Read more…

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As it was Palm Sunday over the weekend we thought it would be a nice time to start visiting churches for a bit of wedding reconnaissance – it was the perfect day for it as the bells were ringing away in the steeples all afternoon.  Amazingly, we decided on one quite quickly that we both love – you […] Read more…

Diamonds are a girls best friend? Purchasing an Engagement Ring |

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds are currently not my best friend.  I don’t wear a lot of jewellery ~ especially rings.  I find they get in the way and catch on just about everything when I go about my daily life!  For that reason I usually keep quite a plain hand.  But a wedding calls for rings, and so we […] Read more…

How long is too long to be engaged? |

How long is too long to be engaged

  You may have read in this POST that I recently became engaged.  I say recently but it was six months ago to be exact, and now some people have started to comment on wedding details and what is taking so long! But just how long, is too long, to be engaged? Is it really such a bad thing to want […] Read more…

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