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Chicken Soup Remade

A couple of years ago I posted my Healing Chicken Soup recipe.  But since then I’ve been re-jigging it to perfect the taste & consistency.  I’ve played around with the stock and I’ve also added a couple of ingredients to the soup, including barley and extra chicken stock.  The other day Brett mentioned that this […] Read more…


The Library

We’ve been hibernating and generally trying to stay warm this winter – it has literally been freezing here in Perth – with ice on the car in the mornings!   So it’s been nice to stay at home and read books whilst drinking cups of tea & cuddling with hot water bottles. Lately we’ve been in […] Read more…

DIY Dog Wash

3 Ways We Tackle Long Hair Dogs

Both long and short haired dogs come with their own set of pro’s & con’s.  In my opinion short hair dogs are easier to keep clean – they can be washed on the lawn with the hose for instance, but I would consider that the bulk of their upkeep comes from the constant vacuuming of their […] Read more…

5 Ways We're Keeping Warm This Winter | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Winter Warming Five ways

{Knits, taking centre place in the cupboard this season} As we head toward winter at what seems like break neck speed, we’ve been incorporating some thoughtful changes into our usual ‘warm weather’ routine.  Here are 5 of the little touches that have made getting out of a warm bed on a freezing morning that little bit easier: […] Read more…

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