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Bush Tucker In The Backyard

I’m currently working on a project that has me researching edible plants in the costal region of W.A and was surprised to find some of my favourite natives on the list, including a few that we already have here in the backyard.  It’s a subject I would love to delve into deeper here on the […] Read more…


Young Basil Leaf

When the basil I keep in pots outside goes to seed I cut the flower heads off and store them in envelopes to use in smaller pots in the kitchen, if you do this quickly enough after the flowers have bloomed the plants won’t die.  I love the smell & look of the flowers outside, which is […] Read more…



The last few months have been hectic in the garden.  We built a 20 metre limestone retaining wall across the back of the house, and filled it with magnolias trees and grasses, it was a hard slog but we got there in the end and it is finally finished! YAY!! We decided to put a […] Read more…

Spring is in the air |

It’s in the air

Although it was stormy over the weekend, Monday morning started with a brightly shining sun bursting through the windows and lighting up the whole house with a glow, outside coloured flowers sway on the sweetly scented breeze and an array of birds are chirping away, things are starting to get busy out there. Spring has sprung it […] Read more…

Frog in bin |

Frog in bin.

We have been on a bit of a wildlife rescue roll at our house recently ~ read here about our duck release.  For some unknown reason I just happened to open the bin lid before I went to put it out this morning.  Inside I found a frog {I have no idea how he got […] Read more…

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