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Cool Summer Cool Dyson | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Cool Summer Cool Dyson

Our usual HOT Perth summer is taking it’s time to start up this year – it’s been rather mild to say the least, in fact we have just had our coldest December day in 54 years!  It may have been a cool summer so far but we all know what is just around the corner (for […] Read more…



I have been thinking of buying a chalkboard calendar from etsy, but thought I would have a crack at crafting one on my own first.  This is my version of one, I love it, what do you think?  It has no board obviously, but a wet tissue wipes away the chalk instantly so there is no […] Read more…

My vintage blue green ombre chair find | Australian Lifestyle Blog | Molly & Beans

Bargain Hunter

So, I am currently in love with an inanimate object. Don’t go there!! – It’s the slightly ‘ombre’ aqua and bright blue chairs above. As you may know, I have been on the hunt for some chairs for our office meeting table. I couldn’t bring myself to shell out full price for the chairs I […] Read more…

Tea & Vodka

Ginger Blackcurrant Tea and Vodka

No, the heading is not a misprint.  This is ginger, blackcurrant tea & vodka, with a mint garnish (and a dash of sugar – don’t judge sugar haters!).  I am not insane.  And the vodka wasn’t intentional.  You see, although we’ve adjusted to life in the office pretty well we haven’t quite settled into the kitchen yet, […] Read more…

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog

Sweet Monday

Hello there & welcome to Monday! At the end of a relaxing (or maybe not so relaxing) weekend, there is always that little pang of fear at the thought of the impending Monday morning that lies in wait, or at least that’s true for me.  After our Valentines day dinner on Saturday night (which was a […] Read more…

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