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Morning Lemon Warning | Detox with a straw! | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Morning Lemon Warning

My favourite thing about this time of year are the little lemons starting to form on our tree.  It’s at this time that I usually start ramping up my Morning Lemon Routine.  If you also drink warm lemon water in the mornings and haven’t already heard this piece of advice you may want to start drinking it out […] Read more…

White Pearl Nectarine Gin Fizz | Molly & Beans | Australian Lifestyle Blog

White Pearl Nectarine Gin Fizz

We have a house guest staying with us at the moment so I decided it would be fun to make up a batch of cocktails for us tonight.  I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with a few different versions of my favourite cocktails.  The French 75, Classic Gin Fizz & Bellini.  I had the most amazing […] Read more…


Happy Halloween 2015

For us, the big surprise of Halloween 2015 were the kids who came chauffeur driven to our front door – “trick or treated” – then jumped back into their parents car to wizz off to {presumably} the next destination on the trick or treat route…    It’s understandable when only a few houses on our street […] Read more…

Friday Vibes | Sifting Memories & Mint | Molly & Beans | Australian Lifestyle Blog

Friday Memories & Mint Juleps

Some days we work back late into the evening, often until 8 – 9pm, but this Friday afternoon we decided to retire to the sunny front room at our house, whiling the day away making up batches of mint juleps whilst going through boxes of old photographs and books that were recently entrusted to us.  We converted most […] Read more…

Tea & Vodka

Ginger Blackcurrant Tea and Vodka

No, the heading is not a misprint.  This is ginger, blackcurrant tea & vodka, with a mint garnish (and a dash of sugar – don’t judge sugar haters!).  I am not insane.  And the vodka wasn’t intentional.  You see, although we’ve adjusted to life in the office pretty well we haven’t quite settled into the kitchen yet, […] Read more…

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