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Young Basil Leaf

When the basil I keep in pots outside goes to seed I cut the flower heads off and store them in envelopes to use in smaller pots in the kitchen, if you do this quickly enough after the flowers have bloomed the plants won’t die.  I love the smell & look of the flowers outside, which is […] Read more…

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1907 Perth Restaurant Review

I had dinner at this lovely restaurant, 1907, on Saturday night with a friend.  It’s not really the best choice of venue for a friend catch up – it was exclusively filled with couples staring lovingly into each others eyes, I would recommend it more for a date night.  But I had wanted to try […] Read more…

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Friday Memories & Mint Juleps

Some days we work back late into the evening, often until 8 – 9pm, but this Friday afternoon we decided to retire to the sunny front room at our house, whiling the day away making up batches of mint juleps whilst going through boxes of old photographs and books that were recently entrusted to us.  We converted most […] Read more…

Tea & Vodka

Ginger Blackcurrant Tea and Vodka

No, the heading is not a misprint.  This is ginger, blackcurrant tea & vodka, with a mint garnish (and a dash of sugar – don’t judge sugar haters!).  I am not insane.  And the vodka wasn’t intentional.  You see, although we’ve adjusted to life in the office pretty well we haven’t quite settled into the kitchen yet, […] Read more…

Tomato Soup with Baked Parmesan Bread | Garden Herbs | Blue Ikea Tray & Gold Spoon | Recipe Ideas | Molly & Beans - Lifestyle Blog xx

Tomato Soup with Baked Parmesan Bread

YAY YAY YAY – I can’t contain my excitement at the changing weather!  It’s been raining a little (we were told to brace for damaging weather due to a cyclone up north – which never came).  The cool turn just happened to coincide with me making up a couple of batches of – this – […] Read more…

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