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Rome the Streets at Sunset

We did a round trip walk of Rome when we where there, after visiting The Vatican we roamed the streets toward The Colosseum, then looping back through the shopping district and to the other side of the city where our hotel was. We continued on into the evening and the setting sun, until the streets were dark, but warm […] Read more…

Rome The Streets Two 1

Rome The Streets – Colosseum

I talked about how much I loved Rome in my previous post Rome The Streets.  It was a beautiful city to explore, and one of the highlights of our stroll was walking up to the Colosseum.  We wandered into a stunning church and lit some candles, then down into the shaded ruins and up to the Colosseum. […] Read more…

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Rome The Streets

As I mentioned in my post about The Vatican City, I loved roaming the streets of Rome.  We had a mix of weather when we were there, with it alternating between humid, seriously hot – and dark, cold and rainy.  But, it was nice to see a mix of seasons in the few days we had. […] Read more…

Entering The Vatican City Rome, Travel Italy | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Entering Vatican City

I found Rome to be one of those cities you could just wonder around all day and night exploring, there was such a peaceful vibe, and nowhere more so than The Vatican City, which is it’s own city state within Rome, and of course, home to the Pope! Whilst there we opted for another skip-the-line day trip, which […] Read more…

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