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Birds of a feather

My birthday this year wasn’t as glamorous as it sometimes is.  The usual sipping cocktails poolside was put on hold whilst we looked after our nieces and nephew.  We had them for a week and even though the TV & our new DIY tiki pool did most of the ‘babysitting’ we also had a few […] Read more…

London Court Snow | Molly & Beans... Australian Lifestyle Blog.

Christmas Snow In London Court Perth

It’s snowing in London Court again (situated between Hay Street & St Georges Terrace, Perth).  The timings are a bit different this year – they are doing it between 6pm – 7pm this Friday night (the 11th) & next (the 18th).  It’s a big hit with the kids & looks quite realistic, the snow is actually […] Read more…

BIG NEWS | Blue Boat House Crawley | Viral Photo | M&B in the news | Breaking wedding plans | Australian Lifestyle Blog | Written by Sarah Porter


So I had a really interesting day on Social Media yesterday.  A quick shot I posted onto Instagram went viral! It was quite exciting, and if I wasn’t so busy making plans for mine and Brett’s upcoming wedding (scheduled for this July) I would have been able to enjoy the moment a bit more.  By […] Read more…

The South West From Above - Watershed Winery & A Helicopter Tour down the Coast | Molly & Beans - Lifestyle Blog

Watershed Winery Helicopter Ride

So we actually did this a million years ago.  I have wanted to post these pictures since I started Molly & Beans – a year and a bit later here we are.  Lol. On this particular – very distant – trip down to the region we stayed at Moondance which is a lovely boutique hotel in Margaret […] Read more…

King Kookaburra | An afternoon robbery in the park | Molly & Beans - Lifestyle Blog


On a picnic at Kings Park a while back, we just so happened to be the target of a thieving kookaburra…!  We were there to see all the wildflowers and native trees in bloom –  he was there plotting a robbery – perched on top of a rather large succulent (what looked like a huge aloe vera plant) he […] Read more…

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