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Rome the Streets at Sunset

We did a round trip walk of Rome when we where there, after visiting The Vatican we roamed the streets toward The Colosseum, then looping back through the shopping district and to the other side of the city where our hotel was. We continued on into the evening and the setting sun, until the streets were dark, but warm […] Read more…

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Rome The Streets

As I mentioned in my post about The Vatican City, I loved roaming the streets of Rome.  We had a mix of weather when we were there, with it alternating between humid, seriously hot – and dark, cold and rainy.  But, it was nice to see a mix of seasons in the few days we had. […] Read more…

our stay at The Hotel Marmorata in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hotel Marmorata, Ravello – Amalfi Coast

To get to Hotel Marmorata in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast we caught the train, as we did through the rest of Europe, starting in Paris we left France & toured through Switzerland, Austria and Italy.  Once in Italy we visited Venice,  Florence & Rome, with the last train leg ending in Salerno (about an hours drive from Ravello) […] Read more…

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Birds of a feather

My birthday this year wasn’t as glamorous as it sometimes is.  The usual sipping cocktails poolside was put on hold whilst we looked after our nieces and nephew.  We had them for a week and even though the TV & our new DIY tiki pool did most of the ‘babysitting’ we also had a few […] Read more…

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