Rose With French Vanilla 5

Find of the Week

Herbal teas are a pleasure I’m just starting to enjoy.  I’ve always been a tea drinker but anything more adventurous than English Breakfast felt a bit too much like drinking potpourri. Lately I’ve been open to re-trying things I had once dismissed, it started with a cup of chamomile (which I once detested), I poured one a few weeks […] Read more…


Friday Five

The most beautiful bloom I spied at Harper Hair in Subiaco I had a bit of a shock this last weekend when I was driving through the city and a police horse stepped backwards into the road and hit the back of my car!  I saw it happening in slow motion and I tried to avoid […] Read more…

Rome The Streets Two 1

Rome The Streets – Colosseum

I talked about how much I loved Rome in my previous post Rome The Streets.  It was a beautiful city to explore, and one of the highlights of our stroll was walking up to the Colosseum.  We wandered into a stunning church and lit some candles, then down into the shaded ruins and up to the Colosseum. […] Read more…

DIY Dog Wash

3 Ways We Tackle Long Hair Dogs

Both long and short haired dogs come with their own set of pro’s & con’s.  In my opinion short hair dogs are easier to keep clean – they can be washed on the lawn with the hose for instance, but I would consider that the bulk of their upkeep comes from the constant vacuuming of their […] Read more…

Terrarium Play Lazy Day | I made two different terrariums, one in a dry climate and one in a wet climate

Terrarium Play Lazy Day

Saturday morning saw us waking up so early that by 10.30am we had done our chores for the day and run some errands, it was a weird feeling having so much of the morning left to play with – and it just goes to show that by waking up with the sun you can fit […] Read more…

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