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DIY Dog Wash

3 Ways We Tackle Long Hair Dogs

Both long and short haired dogs come with their own set of pro’s & con’s.  In my opinion short hair dogs are easier to keep clean – they can be washed on the lawn with the hose for instance, but I would consider that the bulk of their upkeep comes from the constant vacuuming of their […] Read more…

PicMonkey Collage

Birds of a feather

My birthday this year wasn’t as glamorous as it sometimes is.  The usual sipping cocktails poolside was put on hold whilst we looked after our nieces and nephew.  We had them for a week and even though the TV & our new DIY tiki pool did most of the ‘babysitting’ we also had a few […] Read more…

Horses Hay And Two Second Birthdays | Molly & Beans - Australian Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Horses Hay And Two Second Birthdays

We had a beautiful start to the year with a trip down south this past weekend.  We had two children’s 2nd birthdays to attend (cousins born a day apart – so amazing!).  The first we attended in Bunbury was a horse themed extravaganza which included the most fabulous cake, pony rides, a hot-dog stand, horse shaped everything & […] Read more…

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Friday Five

Mr Whippy won this time…  I can only hold out for so many drive-by’s! Loving the christmas decorations around the city.  Trinity Arcade reminds me of some of the pretty arcades we found walking the streets of Europe. We’ve had a bit of a crab & palm tree theme going on the last couple of Fridays! […] Read more…

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Molly & Beans To A T

(Molly randomly staring at me the way she likes to!) So you’ve met Molly, you haven’t met Beans yet because I have failed to introduce her, in the meantime I have found a comic that describes them both to a T….. (If like me, you have no idea where the phrase to a T comes […] Read more…

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