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Social Media Tips

Social media is, for me, a social tool – which I use to connect with other creatives and hopefully grow my own readers whilst I’m at it.  I think if you want to grow your following on SM you really have to use the platform in this way, especially now with most of them updating their algorithms […] Read more…

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Blog Questions Writing Styles

Hello.  Happy end of the week – where sleep-ins turn to long lunches and exciting nights relaxing with loved ones.  Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful weekend plan?  Well as I mentioned in this post, its gardening, gardening, gardening for me so there will be none of that!  But we can dream. As always with Blog […] Read more…

Blog Questions - Photography | Molly & Beans

Blog Questions Photography

Hello, & Happy Friday to you! Last week on Blog Questions, I said I was going to delve into photography a little more.  I would love to take my photography to the next level, it always seems that holiday snaps or ones where I am not over thinking turn out great but ‘staged’ photos of […] Read more…

Blogging for "newbies" -

How to start a blog – for newbies

I am still a ‘newbie’ blogger, so I can give a first hand account of setting up a blog from someone who knew literally nothing about it a year ago.  There are a few different paths you can take to setting up your own blog, I decided to go with a self hosted blog, […] Read more…