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Rome The Streets Two 1

Rome The Streets – Colosseum

I talked about how much I loved Rome in my previous post Rome The Streets.  It was a beautiful city to explore, and one of the highlights of our stroll was walking up to the Colosseum.  We wandered into a stunning church and lit some candles, then down into the shaded ruins and up to the Colosseum. […] Read more…


Day Trip To The Champagne Region Part One

A good friend bought us a gift for our wedding which was both thoughtful & fun, a voucher for Viator to use on our honeymoon, we chose a day trip from Paris out to the Champagne region of France.  It was a guided tour of the region including a couple of stops at different wineries & lunch.  The tour […] Read more…


Caffe Florian

When people ask me what my favourite part of honeymooning was my mind goes directly to Venice, it is such a romantic, pretty city!  One place I was most looking forward to visiting in Venice was Caffe Florian.  A coffee shop in Piazza San Marco (or Saint Mark’s Square in English).  You might recognise it from […] Read more…

Spilled Ink and Spade | Wedding Invitations | Kate Spade Correspondence Cards in mint green & gold confetti | Molly & Beans Lifestyle Blog

Spilled Ink and Spade | Wedding Invitations

We have had lots of lovely offers of help for our wedding invitations, in fact, my sister in law has been hard at work doing up lots of invites for wedding related stuff like the bridal shower, she was going to help with the wedding ones too, but I fell in love with these gold […] Read more…

Michael Hill International | Emma & Roe Charms | I love my stunning diamond earrings - have a look around the store with me | Molly & Beans - Lifestyle Blog | Perth Australia

Loving Michael Hill International

Hello Hello.. I can still remember the day I was given my earrings – it was Christmas morning and we were out the back in the blow up pool (teehee), I was presented with a gorgeous purple ribboned box which I still have it sitting on my dressing table (pictured below with water stains from […] Read more…

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