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Birds of a feather

My birthday this year wasn’t as glamorous as it sometimes is.  The usual sipping cocktails poolside was put on hold whilst we looked after our nieces and nephew.  We had them for a week and even though the TV & our new DIY tiki pool did most of the ‘babysitting’ we also had a few […] Read more…

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Irish Blessing For The New Year

I hope you have a great last day of 2015.  Today we’ll be tidying the house & getting it ready to go into the new year fresh & clean, it was a tradition of my Irish Great Grandmother that the house be sparkling to see in the new year – along with all the windows in […] Read more…

The Best Thing To Happen In 2015 | Molly & Beans | Australian Travel & Lifestyle Blog

The Best Thing To Happen In 2015

I was mistaken to think the best thing to happen {to me} in 2015 was getting married or going on holiday, no, no – there was something much greater – according to Brett! I’ll start from the beginning; The other day I went to put on some music, as I usually do – from Youtube and […] Read more…

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