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10 Reasons to move into an apartment | property listings | Molly & Beans Australian Lifestyle Blog

10 Reasons To Move Into An Apartment

I have a secret hobby.  It’s fuelled by my desire to move into an apartment.  At night when I’m winding down for the day, with the TV on in the background I can be found flicking through the property listings on Homesales.   I love seeing what apartments are available, how much they are to rent or […] Read more…


Hashtag Perth Sunsets

I’ve been crushing on all of the amazing sunsets Perth has been dishing out lately.  My insta feed is full of stunning colourful skies that people have been uploading & I’ve been having lots of fun capturing a few myself.  My favourite cotton candy sunsets from the last few weeks are below. For me, there is no […] Read more…

Bush Tucker In The Backyard | Local Edible Plants | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Bush Tucker In The Backyard

I’m currently working on a project that has me researching edible plants in the costal region of W.A and was surprised to find some of my favourite natives on the list, including a few that we already have here in the backyard.  It’s a subject I would love to delve into deeper here on the […] Read more…

Horses Hay And Two Second Birthdays | Molly & Beans - Australian Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Horses Hay And Two Second Birthdays

We had a beautiful start to the year with a trip down south this past weekend.  We had two children’s 2nd birthdays to attend (cousins born a day apart – so amazing!).  The first we attended in Bunbury was a horse themed extravaganza which included the most fabulous cake, pony rides, a hot-dog stand, horse shaped everything & […] Read more…

Cool Summer Cool Dyson | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Cool Summer Cool Dyson

Our usual HOT Perth summer is taking it’s time to start up this year – it’s been rather mild to say the least, in fact we have just had our coldest December day in 54 years!  It may have been a cool summer so far but we all know what is just around the corner (for […] Read more…

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