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DIY Dog Wash

3 Ways We Tackle Long Hair Dogs

Both long and short haired dogs come with their own set of pro’s & con’s.  In my opinion short hair dogs are easier to keep clean – they can be washed on the lawn with the hose for instance, but I would consider that the bulk of their upkeep comes from the constant vacuuming of their […] Read more…

5 Ways We're Keeping Warm This Winter | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Winter Warming Five ways

{Knits, taking centre place in the cupboard this season} As we head toward winter at what seems like break neck speed, we’ve been incorporating some thoughtful changes into our usual ‘warm weather’ routine.  Here are 5 of the little touches that have made getting out of a warm bed on a freezing morning that little bit easier: […] Read more…

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Friday Five

Mr Whippy won this time…  I can only hold out for so many drive-by’s! Loving the christmas decorations around the city.  Trinity Arcade reminds me of some of the pretty arcades we found walking the streets of Europe. We’ve had a bit of a crab & palm tree theme going on the last couple of Fridays! […] Read more…

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Molly & Beans To A T

(Molly randomly staring at me the way she likes to!) So you’ve met Molly, you haven’t met Beans yet because I have failed to introduce her, in the meantime I have found a comic that describes them both to a T….. (If like me, you have no idea where the phrase to a T comes […] Read more…


Happy Halloween 2015

For us, the big surprise of Halloween 2015 were the kids who came chauffeur driven to our front door – “trick or treated” – then jumped back into their parents car to wizz off to {presumably} the next destination on the trick or treat route…    It’s understandable when only a few houses on our street […] Read more…

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