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Social Media Tips

Social media is, for me, a social tool – which I use to connect with other creatives and hopefully grow my own readers whilst I’m at it.  I think if you want to grow your following on SM you really have to use the platform in this way, especially now with most of them updating their algorithms […] Read more…

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As it was Palm Sunday over the weekend we thought it would be a nice time to start visiting churches for a bit of wedding reconnaissance – it was the perfect day for it as the bells were ringing away in the steeples all afternoon.  Amazingly, we decided on one quite quickly that we both love – you […] Read more…

Harper Hair & Tan - Subiaco | Molly & Beans - Lifestyle Blog

Confessions Foiled

I am so happy to finally blog about my new favourite hair salon, but first I have two confessions to make.   Number one – the photographs below are from four months ago! Eeek… I have been meaning to write this post since then, but in my defence my brain is stuck somewhere back near November, […] Read more…

Change seasons into the boot hybrid |

Changing Seasons

I saw the most delicious looking hybrid booties {pictured above} on Pinterest the other day and fell head over *heels* for them – oh gosh, that was another pun I think!  And then what do you know – shock horror – there was no link attached grrr – don’t you just hate when that happens […] Read more…

GROW YOUR FOLLOWERS ~ creating a group board on Pinterest - TIPS* -

Creating a Group Board on Pinterest

Creating a Group Board on Pinterest CAN BE A GREAT WAY to increase your followers and get more of your own pins seen, which is ideal for bloggers as you can upload your posts and have them viewed and read by hundreds of people instantly. I saw my followers grow from 100 to 1 000 […] Read more…