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Lemon Poppy Buttercream | Dessert Creations | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Lemon Poppy Buttercream

There’s nothing like scrolling through Pinterest to make you insatiably hungry for something sweet, which is what happened to me over the long weekend.  I did have plans to bake ANZAC cookies in honour of ANZAC day, but someone had left an empty box of rolled oats in the cupboard so that was the end […] Read more…


Strawberries Three Ways

  I love the lead up to Christmas when the garden comes to life, fruit that has been waiting weeks to mature start to show the first signs of ripeness & the plants become a magical sea of colour.  I am impatiently waiting for the blueberries to become their juicy best, until then I have been content […] Read more…


Happy Halloween 2015

For us, the big surprise of Halloween 2015 were the kids who came chauffeur driven to our front door – “trick or treated” – then jumped back into their parents car to wizz off to {presumably} the next destination on the trick or treat route…    It’s understandable when only a few houses on our street […] Read more…


Young Basil Leaf

When the basil I keep in pots outside goes to seed I cut the flower heads off and store them in envelopes to use in smaller pots in the kitchen, if you do this quickly enough after the flowers have bloomed the plants won’t die.  I love the smell & look of the flowers outside, which is […] Read more…

Strawberry Muffins | Lifestyle Blog | Molly & Beans

Strawberry Muffins

The strawberry patch has been growing like nuts thanks to all the wonderful rain we have been having here, so crazy that I have had to separate the plants and now I have pots and pots of them…  I gave a few pots and a bag of fruit to a dear friend who then turned up with some […] Read more…

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