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Lemon Poppy Buttercream | Dessert Creations | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Lemon Poppy Buttercream

There’s nothing like scrolling through Pinterest to make you insatiably hungry for something sweet, which is what happened to me over the long weekend.  I did have plans to bake ANZAC cookies in honour of ANZAC day, but someone had left an empty box of rolled oats in the cupboard so that was the end […] Read more…

Bush Tucker In The Backyard | Local Edible Plants | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Bush Tucker In The Backyard

I’m currently working on a project that has me researching edible plants in the costal region of W.A and was surprised to find some of my favourite natives on the list, including a few that we already have here in the backyard.  It’s a subject I would love to delve into deeper here on the […] Read more…

New traditions for Christmas & The Holidays | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

New Traditions

When I was younger Christmas used to be full of traditions, mostly from my parents English heritage and a mix of their new Australian life.  The day included going to the beach in the morning at about 9am to meet with friends for a little picnic / dip in the ocean before the day got too hot, […] Read more…

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Friday Five

Mr Whippy won this time…  I can only hold out for so many drive-by’s! Loving the christmas decorations around the city.  Trinity Arcade reminds me of some of the pretty arcades we found walking the streets of Europe. We’ve had a bit of a crab & palm tree theme going on the last couple of Fridays! […] Read more…


Strawberries Three Ways

  I love the lead up to Christmas when the garden comes to life, fruit that has been waiting weeks to mature start to show the first signs of ripeness & the plants become a magical sea of colour.  I am impatiently waiting for the blueberries to become their juicy best, until then I have been content […] Read more…

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