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our stay at The Hotel Marmorata in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hotel Marmorata, Ravello – Amalfi Coast

To get to Hotel Marmorata in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast we caught the train, as we did through the rest of Europe, starting in Paris we left France & toured through Switzerland, Austria and Italy.  Once in Italy we visited Venice,  Florence & Rome, with the last train leg ending in Salerno (about an hours drive from Ravello) […] Read more…

Frog in bin |

Frog in bin.

We have been on a bit of a wildlife rescue roll at our house recently ~ read here about our duck release.  For some unknown reason I just happened to open the bin lid before I went to put it out this morning.  Inside I found a frog {I have no idea how he got […] Read more…

Wake up and smell the lemon |

Morning Cleanse

UPDATE: Please read my Morning Lemon Water WARNING if you also drink lemon water. My mother has taught me lots of great tips and tricks over the years but I really do have to thank her for one thing in particular ~ instilling within me the need to drink warm lemon water first thing in the […] Read more…

Free herbs |


We have a grocery store nearby that has large pots of herbs out the front, free for customers to pick and use.  I think it is a great idea as they are so easy to grow ~ seriously the more you pick at them the bigger and bushier they get.  And another added bonus for coming to shop in […] Read more…