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Friday Five

{Which is cuter? The pink door or the owl? I spied both in Subiaco the other day!  Definitely the owl but I’m a little bit obsessed with painted doors – as you may have seen on my Pinterest board Door Colours!} We just celebrated our one year anniversary and after reflecting on being married for 366 […] Read more…


Relaxed Wedding Reception at The Trustee Perth

I’m not sure where to start in describing to you our wedding reception.  So I’m just going to throw a few words out and go from there;  Easy, fun, gentle, intimate, romantic, warm, just right.  If a wedding is supposed to be a reflection of a couples personality then ours was a perfect fit.  Brett and […] Read more…

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My DIY Bridal Bouquet

One reason we gave ourselves only two months of preparation from setting a wedding date until the actual day was the abundance of choice, here in Perth, for everything weddings!  A small time limit was key to our success, without it I believe we would have become lost in the details;  From the what-s, where-s and when-s of it […] Read more…


5 Things

We have been throughly enjoying all of the recent hot (and sometimes rainy) weather.  The change in seasons has prompted me to get back into the garden and summer-ready our pots and beds.  This weekend we will be continuing with the gardening trend by mulching & then installing some water-wise drippers – with a break on […] Read more…


Hotel Baltimore Paris

Our first couple of nights in Paris were atcually spent at a different hotel, which wasn’t the best, there were a few problems with it – the worst of which was an overwhelming cigarette smell, but luckily we hadn’t booked there for long!  I spent a few hours researching where to head to next and […] Read more…

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