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Christmas Is Literally In The Air | Molly & Beans - Australian Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Christmas Is Literally In The Air

Christmas Is Literally In The Air!  In the form of bubbly snow, scent & sound. The snow has been falling for the last 3 Friday nights & we’ve had little parties at the office to celebrate.  Last night we had the kiddies up here to enjoy the show, they had a ball watching it fall & […] Read more…

Cool Summer Cool Dyson | Molly & Beans - Australian Lifestyle Blog

Cool Summer Cool Dyson

Our usual HOT Perth summer is taking it’s time to start up this year – it’s been rather mild to say the least, in fact we have just had our coldest December day in 54 years!  It may have been a cool summer so far but we all know what is just around the corner (for […] Read more…

London Court Snow | Molly & Beans... Australian Lifestyle Blog.

Christmas Snow In London Court Perth

It’s snowing in London Court again (situated between Hay Street & St Georges Terrace, Perth).  The timings are a bit different this year – they are doing it between 6pm – 7pm this Friday night (the 11th) & next (the 18th).  It’s a big hit with the kids & looks quite realistic, the snow is actually […] Read more…

Office Space | Molly & Beans | Space Changing Face


So we are in the new space – finally!! YAY It has been a busy few months, which saw the passing of our beautiful Kitty.  I still go to the door to let her inside, or see her out of the corner of my eye, momentarily, before my brain has time to compute that she […] Read more…

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